Success stories from some of our favorite projects
90% Of Stores Hit Record Sales In ONe Day

Customer Appreciation Day

The Big Salad

The Big Salad experienced record sales at 9 out of 10 locations after our promotion for Customer Appreciation Day 2019.

THE OFFER: $5 Salad or Sandwich for One Day Only!

THE AUDIENCE: Everyone who visited or engaged with The Big Salad’s Facebook page in the past 90 days.


  1. Facebook and Instagram Advertising
  2. Double Tap Email Campaign
    • 1 Email a week before.
    • 1 Email the day of the offer.
  3. In-store Video Screens


  1. The offer was enticing, easy to understand, and offered for a very limited time.
  2. Sending an announcement email approximately a week prior to this promotion, followed by a reminder email the day of the event resulted in a better response.
  3. In the past, we typically would target people who like your FB or Instagram page. By targeting people who have engaged or visited The Big Salad’s facebook page versus those who actually liked the page, we were able to target individuals who are interested in The Big Salad brand, but didn’t take the step to Like their page. This resulted in a larger target audience that ultimately responded to the campaign positively.
500%+ increase in Leads Submitted from website

Website Redesign

The Salt Store

After we redesigning the Salt Store’s website in January of 2019, their 50 web-based leads per year multiplied over 5X into 250 leads and counting.

THE PROBLEM: The Salt Store was driving a reasonable amount of traffic to their website but due to a poor, outdated design their traffic was not converting into sales. It looked like a small family operation, incapable of servicing large accounts.

THE PROJECT: Redesign The Salt Store’s website to make it more user-friendly, improve its credibility, and increase conversions from website visitors into leads.


  1. If your website is not responsive or mobile-friendly, you’re leaving money on the table.
  2. Including reviews adds instant credibility to your brand.
  3. A custom lead generation form delivers more information that allows your sales team to prioritize leads based on the potential value of the sale.